2014. 2. 21.

Play with paper

Same person could have different lives.
What you do now will effect your future for years to come.
Experiment Beauty
Some times this is how I feel.
Sometimes you want to slow down or stop this train we call life and time but you can't.
She just lays there thinking " Mr. Time,  go on without me. Drag me if you must, but I'm not gonna follow you willingly." 
50's man
Alcohol holic.
 Lonely Night

yes.. but no.

As Bright Baek first exbition - HIDE & SEEK


Bright Baek


As a Child Bright was lonely. a sort of outsider, but being that aloe made her feel very unique and special. she wanted to discover new horizons, meet people from all around the world ad accomplish great things. Curious and open minded, the artist learned English by herself ad developed her culture thanks to medias, people she met and any other ways.
Fashion was her very first love and her the clothes were the canvas before she was able to paint. Nowadays she looks at fashion as a flow of trends passing by, while painting is some thing definitely more settled, more intimate, something with a nice smell, as she says.
Bright doesn't see any limitations in art, it's a dialogue with herself, a place from where she can walk into her head to hang out with herself. Now that she finally realized art is all she wants to do, she says there is a lot more she wanna create and she will make happen.
Hide & Seek is Bright Baek's first solo exhibition.
This series of art pieces are her most recent work, they literally have been painted in the last few months. The connection with fashion is still visible, especially in the fancy shoes and gloves that the women are wearing. Ambiguous and mysterious, her work expresses femininity and sexuality.
Hide & Seek is a series of paints about women and the freedom to express emotions and feelings. The artist intends to create a dialogue with the audience, so people are invited to look at her paintings without inhibition and free to give an interpretation based of their own feeling where "what you feel is what you see".
Look around
I can't tell you the answer
Sex reflects all the emotions
People cry when they are happy
People laugh when they are sad
Now you face it
" What you feel is what you see "
Be ok with that
Tonight she looks sad maybe
tomorrow she will just have fun
on canvas
- Bright Baek -

Hide & Seek
oil on canvas
55 x 40cm
No tittle
oil on canvas
95cm x 117cm
oil on canvas
41 x 22 cm
The Room
Oil on canvas
33.5 x 24 cm
oil on canvas
72.5 x 60 cm 
oil on canvas
91cm x73cm
oil on canvas
65 x 53cm

2013. 3. 30.


Portrait ( girl with awesome hair )
39x54cm Water Color on Paper

53x65cm Oil Paint on Canvas

Unith and Herry on the bed with Mac Book
( 유니와 헤리 침대위에서 노트북과 함께)
47.5x66cm Water Color, Cray-Pas on Paper

Woman with Orange Hair 
47.5x66cm Water Color, Cray-Pas on Paper

Blue Face Black Mask
47.5x66cm Water Color, Cray-Pas on Paper

47.5x66cm Water Color, Cray-Pas on Paper

32x41cm Oil paint on Canvas

Breeze (산들바람)
50x60cm Oil paint on Canvas

50x60cm Oil paint on Canvas

No title
41x32cm Oil paint on Canvas

2013. 3. 25.

HUNIMAL (Human + Animal)

< The rabbit cry>
28x38.5cm Chalk on Water Color paper

< Hot Lion>
28 x38.5cm Cray-pas on Water Color Paper

<  Timid Goat/소심한 염소 >
28x38.5cm Chalk on Waher Color paper

< Cat Smiling / 웃는 고양이 >
28 x38.5cm Cray-pas on Water Color Paper

< Food Chain /먹이사슬>
47.5x66cm Water Color on Paper

< Siamese Twins /샴 쌍둘이 >
50x61cm Oil pait on Canvas